Well..frankly, because a lot of events get it wrong. We should know, we've been to our fair share. So we set out to build a better gig for event organizers, and we realized that what we wanted was really pretty simple. We want to learn something we can't learn anywhere else. We want to see what new event technology feels like in our own hands, and most importantly, we want to build real connections with other professionals. So MUG (or Marketing User Group as we began) was built as our dream event to meet those three goals.


  • Collaborate with suppliers, potential partners, top-rate event professionals, and yes, even some competitors, to find new ways to crank up success.

  • Conquer your next event armed with great new connections, knowledge, and experience all catered to solve your biggest challenges.

As we head into our third year, we're excited to welcome more partners, friends, and diverse event professionals than ever before into our unconventional convention.
Of course, with growth in size we will also be lining up our best schedule of events, from personalized networking to captivating sessions. We're sure that MUG 2016 will be the best one yet.


A future where attendees, exhibitors, and organizers collaborate to create events that are truly unforgettable.


To create an unparalleled community of event industry professionals who work together to usher in the future of amazing events.


For three years Data Connect has been the host and organizer of MUG. Established as a company to bring people together and humanize the world of data in 1988, Data Connect has made an impact in industries from work flow management, to distribution trade shows, to fatigue management in South Africa. They are a proud member of the Small Giants Community, and are deeply involved with the Return On Values Project of The Center For Values Driven Leadership.


As a division of Data Connect, the team behind the Brolly Event Technology Platform has been refining their craft since 1999. Formerly known as Show Expert, the team's latest release ushered in a new vision and a new brand name. All the event technology at MUG 2016 will be provided by the Brolly team; you'll get a chance to go hands on with their most innovative products, and meet some of the hard-working folks behind the magic.