Sarah Michel

Sarah is an Experience Architect who has been working in the meetings industry for over 15 years to create dynamic audience experiences. Her vast knowledge of next-generation learning and facilitation skills help design dynamic meetings that guarantee more participation, opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer interactions to assure a return on attendance

Sarah is Vice President of Professional Connexity for Velvet Chainsaw Consulting helping organizations deliver on the networking promise at face to face meetings. She is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) awarded by the National Speakers Association and a nationally recognized expert on networking and the creator of the NetWORTHing process.

Sarah has keynoted and facilitated for audiences and organizations around the world on how to be a more effective connector and the author of Perfecting Connecting, A Guide to Mastering Networking in the Workplace and coauthor of the e-book, Conference Connexity.

Connexity LIVE
Where Community & Connecting Merge As One

The focus of a Connexity experience is on you - the participants. It's a learner-centric model instead of the typical old-school, speaker-centric model we're used to. It's networking on steroids designed to help each participant connect with the information, resources and ideas they need to do their jobs faster, better and easier. A modified open space approach is used with focuses on tangible outcomes and solutions. You'll experience it and learn how to create the experience for your own organization. Join conversations ... spark the conversations you need!

Dean Savoca

Dean Savoca, M.Ed., BCC, is a performance management and results expert who works at the individual executive level as a coach, at the team and department level as a trainer and facilitator, and at the company and association level as a keynote speaker.

Whatever the format - be it strategic planning sessions, leadership development, sales training, executive coaching, meeting facilitation or keynote, Dean guides teams through processes that focus their attention on core issues and rallies them to action, often right there in the room. The result is improved performance, higher productivity, more cohesive teamwork, and an improved bottom line.

Dean has nearly 20 years of experience in working with executives and employees of companies, ranging from small businesses to professional organizations to Fortune 500 companies. He holds a Master's Degree in Organizational Performance and Change and is a Board Certified Coach. Dean is the 2012-2013 President of the National Speakers Association - Colorado Chapter, and the past Chairman of the Cherry Creek Chamber of Commerce.


How Successful Leaders Conquer Themselves Before Taking on the World
Are you ready to conquer the world? Maybe just your world? As the Chinese proverb says, ""ajourney of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Conquering your obstacles - whether it's leading your team, directing the big project, or addressing that sticky situation -- actually begins with understanding and conquering your greatest asset - yourself.

The ability to lead is within all of us. Whether you're an executive, manager or volunteer, leadership is about influence. To be an effective leader, you must be able to influence yourself first - by evaluating and managing your own behaviors and habits - before you can influence others - and ultimately - your organization or community.

After conducting 9,000 individual executive coaching sessions and dozens of strategic planning sessions with associations, businesses, and boards of directors, Dean Savoca has compiled specific essential attributes of successful leaders into one dynamic program that challenges leaders of every level of experience and organization size to assess and conquer themselves before taking on the world.

In this conference closing session, you'll discover several key attributes of successful leaders; create your own Wheel of Influence to guide your professional development and leadership growth; and pinpoint a specific area you'll work on to balance your Wheel and achieve a higher level of influence.

Francis Jones

Francis Jones is a top Marketing Strategist at Infusionsoft. Francis speaks all over the world teaching and educating small business owners.

As an entrepreneur Francis has a passion for small business success and enjoys teaching other entrepreneurs how to market their way to success.

In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and kids.

Julie Romanetti

Julie is an expert in Housing and Registration practices with over 15 years of experience in the meetings and events industry. Her passion for driving client success is rooted in isolating pain points and implementing strategic solutions.

Julie’s extensive experience in management, training, coaching, customer support, software support, product development and more, has given her the necessary skills to understand the unique structure and requirements in achieving her clients’ goals.

Julie is currently Managing Director of Housing Services at Showcare Event Solutions. She is involved in all aspects of housing operations as well as leading changes in technology and development for future housing initiatives. Most recently, Julie participated as a panelist for the discussion “Disruptive Forces in the Hospitality Industry” on Global Meetings Industry Day this past April.